Peter Wells

Commercial Manager Prolog Print Media

“I work in an office Monday to Friday and find that personal training during my lunch hour is just the break I need. Not only do I feel invigorated which sets me up for the rest of the day, but I have lost over a stone in weight and feel much better in myself. If you want to get fit in a challenging and enjoyable way, then this is for you whatever level of fitness you are at now. I can’t recommend Robbie highly enough.”

Ian Barber

Voids & Welfare Manager

“Following nearly 40 years of enjoying myself, chasing the next party or party pack!, I decided, along with my doctor, I needed to get myself into better shape. Through friends, I ventured down to Spire Boxing Academy, although I had no plans to ruin my beautiful looks by becoming a boxer! What I discovered was a lively inclusive gym with excellent facilities, knowledgeable trainers/coach’s and fitness programmes to suit every level and everybody as well as a thriving amateur boxing scene. There is a real mix of people both young and old and I would encourage anyone to come down and separate the reality from fiction surrounding these types of fitness establishments. Personal training can achieve huge results and I have lost nearly 4 stone in the 3 months I have been going down to the gym and amazingly I still enjoy going. I work in an office and had a really good relationship with my settee but am now training regularly and feel 100% better and look at least 7% better.”

Amy Greatorex

Senior Nursery Nurse

“I came to Spire with a little knowledge of how to box but needed a lot of work. Robbie and everyone else made me feel welcome and quickly picked up on what I needed to improve. 6 months later I had my first amateur bout for Spire and haven’t looked back since. Who would’ve thought within a year I would have become amateur and challenge for a belt and that is all down to the hard work and dedication Robbie and his team put in. I would definitely recommend Spire, whether it be just for fitness or you’re looking to compete, it’s a great atmosphere and everyone is lovely, welcoming and know what they’re doing!”

Eamonn Eustace

Semi-Retired P.E Teacher

“Brought my son to Spire Boxing Academy in 2006 – we both still come. That says it all. Great gym, great people. SBA #Simplythebest.”

Lauren Sivyer

Key Support Worker

“After being a gym membership holder elsewhere for over a year, I could never find the motivation that I needed until I came across Spire Boxing Academy. Not only does the gym have a great atmosphere and very welcoming every time you walk in but it is also run by an outstanding trainer Robbie, who not only has the patience but also gives you the determination and motivation you need. I could not recommend a better gym!”

Russell Henshaw

Professional Boxer

“I’ve known Robbie a few years now, we first met when he was the Derbyshire amateur coach and then I came to see him to turn professional 2 years ago and we got on like a house on fire. His attitude and excitement in the gym is contagious, he brings out the buzz in boxing and you can’t help but see his passion for the game. The atmosphere at Spire is second to none, no egos or chips on any shoulders, it’s been an absolute pleasure having him in my corner these past few years and I look forward to many more.”

 Neil Pickering

Adult Instructor at Army Cadets

“Excellent bunch of people. Very welcoming and very helpful, everyone at Spire helps you reach your potential.”

Lee Connelly

Professional Boxer

“The gym is ok, always messy to be honest & the coach does not support my veganism as he lacks compassion. It’s ok if you can’t find anything better in your area.” Hahahaha

No, but seriously…

“I’m a professional boxer and going to Spire Boxing Academy was the fresh start I needed! Lots of good people with a great atmosphere to start enjoying my training again & Robbie has lots of experience to bring to the table that got me winning some fights with him in my corner.”

Becks Newton

Dental Practice Manager

I have been going down to Spire for almost three years now, I go most days during the week and it is the highlight of my day. I have found a sport I love doing. I am fitter than I have ever been before, look better than I ever have, and have way more confidence to show for it. I have also made friends for life, from the coach and trainers to the fighters and keep fitters. I would recommend to anyone.”