Spire Boxing Academy opened back in

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the summer of 2006 and in this time  has changed the lives for hundreds of  people young and older in our area.

Founded by Spire’s head coach, NE Derbyshire county councils Coach of the year, Derbyshire ABA county coach and ex professional Robbie Sivyer we have hosted 20 + suberb quality home boxing events at Queens Park Sports Center  as well as our boxers competing  up and down the country representing Spire Boxing Academy and Derbyshire Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) in national championships.

We have produced many  talented amateur boxers and improved fitness and confidence for many others of all ages male and female who were happier on the outside of the ropes but loved to get stuck in to the tough boxing workout available all day every day at the Whittington based gym.


Although statistically  in one of the UKs most deprived areas we pride ourselves on the all welcome friendly atmosphere created inside our gym walls,  coaching staff and our young boxers will be only too happy to help out new starters, young and old.

YES.. young and old, although our main aim is youth development and guiding young people into lawful sporting activity, the club welcomes  members young and old who are just looking to improve general fitness who feel boxing training might be a fun way to achieve their goals whilst learning the skills of the noble art along the way.

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Many of our long term members have said they found just walking into the gym on their first visit a daunting experience, the thought of training alongside  the areas best boxers we imagine can be off putting,until they actually walked into our gym, where the relaxed environment and banter they say is easy to see how we attract people from all backgrounds and all walks of life encouraging character building , confidence building boxing fitness inspired, healthier lifestyle for all.

If you are interested in our Boxing Academy or would like more information please contact us.